The Top Ten Things Every Bride Should Know...about finding #thedress

So you’ve just got engaged, you’re beyond yourself with excitement (of course!!) and you simply can’t wait to start looking for the perfect wedding dress!!

We’ve put ourselves into your (amazing) shoes and put together a few Q&A’s to hopefully make finding the #dreamdress most enjoyable and so you know what to expect!

When do I start to look for my wedding dress?

Our #twgbridetribe tend to prioritise #thedress and start looking around 10-12 months before their wedding date.

When do all the new season collections arrive?

The 2018 collections have ALL now arrived…these stunning collections have been arriving during October / November months. We only update our collections once a year so the 2019 styles will launch in the boutique in October / November next year!

How many boutiques should I make appointments with?

We recommend 3-4 boutiques is more than enough – do your research and visit boutiques that stock designers that you are most interested in trying on!

How long does it take for a wedding dress to arrive once I’ve placed my order?

The approx. lead time is 6-9 months with our designers and in an ideal world we love to have your dress here at least six weeks prior to your wedding – so don’t leave ordering too late!!

What if I don’t have 6-9 months?

We are very sensitive to the fact that some brides don’t have the luxury of time and for those brides we do our best to work with our designers to ensure we can get a dress here within a tighter time-frame. We also have a fab #secretsale room dedicated to gorgeous dresses that you can purchase ‘off the rail’.

So, I’ve ordered my dress – what’s next?

We love helping our brides with any other styling advice so keep in touch with us and we will do the same!! We’ll advise you when your dress is due in closer to the time and will get you booked in your first fitting.

Where and when do fittings take place?

Your first fitting is approx. 6 weeks prior to your wedding (if you order well in advance and your dress comes in you are welcome to come try it on!!!). We have our very own in-house seamstress (who is amazing!) and you meet her here at the boutique. Fittings can be arranged in advance and any time between 9am-5pm Monday – Friday.

How many fittings are there?

It’s fundamentally important that you come prepared to your first fitting –by that we mean have your shoes and lingerie with you. At your next fitting if your dress fits perfectly then that is your final fitting! Occasionally there still may be a few minor alterations required, and if our seamstress can do those at this fitting she will, otherwise we arrange another date to come back for final fitting.

Do I pay for alterations?

We are one of the few bridal boutiques that have our own in-house seamstress and we extend that service to all our brides who purchase a new dress. There is a fee for alterations and you can expect to pay between £150 - £300 depending on each bride’s requests.

What is the best piece of advice you can give me?

You want to be the best possible version of yourself on your wedding day – so please yourself first and foremost, choose a dress that you absolutely love, want to keep on all day and sleep in! Consider your budget before booking appointments and be open to trying on something the stylist would choose for you!!